Our Services

At Terpene Transit we are continuously looking for new ways to support Washington State's 502 industry.
  1. Test Samples
    We partner and deliver to all 502 compliant test labs. Check out our Delivery Schedule and Map to see when we'll be headed to your lab of choice.
  2. Bulk
    We have yet to meet a bulk move we couldn't accomplish. Pricing is flexible and dependent on weight and volume and whether or not material is to be repackaged or processed. Quote based pricing.
  3. Fresh Frozen
    With a wide range of freezers to accommodate fresh frozen at fair rates, each of our vans are also equipped with an additional power supply to ensure products stay frozen. Quote based pricing.
  4. Retail Samples
    We deliver samples to all accepting 502 retailers. We understand that we are a direct representation of your brand and we strive to deliver your samples in a timely, friendly and professional manner.
  5. Retail Orders
    Delivering to every corner of the State, we pride ourselves in rapid order turnaround. Check out our route Map for high coverage areas. Far off locations typically take additional planning.
  6. Plants & Clones
    With our management team possessing over a decade of experience in growing, we know what it takes to ensure your plants/clones are properly cared for during transport. Quote based pricing.
  7. Packaging
    From bags and tubes, to glass and boxes; we can ensure you receive your packaging in a timely manner. Quote based pricing.
  8. Store Returns
    We're happy to help clear up space in your back room by arranging product returns. Dependent on availability and scheduling this is available to our partners free of additional charge.