We are Washington State's preferred third-party I 502 transport service specializing in the delivery of cannabis products throughout Washington State. Our service team provides our clients with secure, dependable, and timely transport of all legal I 502 products. Let us take the work off your hands while you tend to more pressing matters!

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Time is valuable. Transporting Product can be expensive and time consuming. Let us help.
Achieve a greater outreach for your product by utilizing our growing network of clients within the industry.
Eliminate vehicle expenses for fuel, maintenance, insurance, licensing, and employee costs.
  1. Live GPS Tracking
    With our GPS tracking and logistics software, we are able to track not only our vehicles, but your specific packages in real time.
  2. Experts in the Cannabis Industry for over 13 years
    With the passing of I502 we've continued growing our knowledge base of the Cannabis Industry over the years.
  3. Delivery Notifications via Email
    We keep you up to date on your order status every step of the way.
  4. 10+ Vans in Active Use
    And growing, we are ready to help you save time and money with our fleet of secure transport vehicles.
  5. Top Tier Customer Service
    With a strong team of highly trained individuals, we know what it takes to maintain our customer's satisfaction.
  6. Product and Cash Security
    All vans are equipped with safes, slick locks, and driver specific, real time GPS tracking and driver monitoring systems. Most vans are also currently equipped with cameras, specifically our east side vans.
  7. Quick Cash Return
    We deliver your cash returns within the first 48 hours after delivery.
  8. Affordable & Flexible Pricing
    We address each company's needs and will find a price plan that best fits your individual business.


Get started now! Give us a call or email with the items you would like delivered and we will get a quote to you right away.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

2+ years experience